The company PROTEK was formed in 2004 by John Krestas and Dimitris Panagoulias who between them have over 50 years of experience in the field of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Mr Krestas and Mr Panagoulias are the second generation of owners following the retirement of  their respective fathers Mr Marino Krestas and Mr John Panagoulias.

The company continues to deal with the wholesale and retail sale and distribution of a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment providing “Head to toe protection”, i.e. helmets, masks, ear muffs, work wear, rainwear, jackets, safety shoes, gloves etc. The company also supplies Public works and construction industries providing...

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Why choose us

  • Because we are a company with over 60 years experience in the field of PPE
  • Because all of our safety products conform to EN Safety Norms
  • Because we supply the right products at the right prices
  • Because we quickly fulfill even the most demanding requests
  • Because we possess the necessary technical knowledge to provide correct customer service