The company PROTEK was formed in 2004 by John Krestas and Dimitris Panagoulias who between them have over 50 years of experience in the field of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Mr Krestas and Mr Panagoulias are the second generation of owners following the retirement of  their respective fathers Mr Marino Krestas and Mr John Panagoulias.

The company continues to deal with the wholesale and retail sale and distribution of a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment providing “Head to toe protection”, i.e. helmets, masks, ear muffs, work wear, rainwear, jackets, safety shoes, gloves etc. The company also supplies Public works and construction industries providing road safety items, signals, safety barriers, road cones and road signs as well as workers’ PPE.

We can also provide complete lines of Corporate Work wear tailored to customers needs and designs by printing or embroidering company logos on a variety of work wear such as overalls, t-shirts, jackets, waistcoats, jockey caps etc.

Our experienced employees are available to supply advice and provide solutions to customers on matters of personal safety and safe working practice within the framework of the European Safety at Work regulations. All our goods are EN Certified by European Testing Laboratories, carry the relevant certification marks and are accompanied by EN Certificates.

In order to help customers solve their workplace safety queries, or to advise those responsible on aspects of safety equipment, our staff often visit customers at their premises to better understand the issues involved and to discuss possible solutions to their problems, show our samples  and finally to submit our proposal and prices.

We aim to provide fast, reliable service and quality goods at competitive prices. To do this we have efficient employees, large warehousing facilities and adequate stock to supply wholesale quantities -retail and wholesale business are conducted from our company owned premises at 10 K. Mavromichalis St.and Dragatsiniou St. in Piraeus while our stock is held in our neighboring warehouse (2.000m²) which allows us to dispatch our goods speedily using our company’s vans. Goods are double checked for quantity and quality before leaving the warehouse to ensure that we provide a trouble free, reliable service for our customers. We ensure that our stock levels are maintained effectively so that goods are readily available in sufficient quantities in order to satisfy customer demands.

To keep abreast of changes in legislation, developments in PPE  and in order to update our product range company representatives visit up to ten of the major exhibitions in our field annually (both national and international) as well as visiting various production facilities.

Our many years of experience in the field of PPE  dealing particularly  with large companies and public corporations demonstrate the  reliable and outstanding service provided by PROTEK.

The recent experience of the preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens  (due to the magnitude and extent of  construction carried out) turned out to be the best test  and proof of the ability of  the two companies  to provide a service of which we are proud to continue.

2004: Company founded

2008: Awarded ISO: 9001

2012: Exhibitors at POSEIDONIA 2012 Greece