Frequently asked questions


Q. Can I clean my dust mask and re-use it?

A. No, new EC Legislation states that dust masks are non-reusable and should be disposed of after each shift. These masks are marked EN 149 NR.

Q. Can I use one filter for any type of working environment?

A.  No, there are many different types of filters each one suitable for different types of chemicals, dusts and aerosols. Ask us for advice.

Q. How do I clean a half or full face mask?

A.  They can be wiped clean using a damp cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner added if necessary. Avoid total immersion in water and ensure that flexible valve covers are not misplaced.

Q. Can I wash the filter?

A. No, only wiped clean with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner.

Q. How should I store my mask and filter?

A.  In order to prolong the life of the filter you should store them in a tightly sealed plastic bag to protect the filter media from environmental contamination.

 Ear Protection

Q. Can I wear any type of ear protection at work?

A.  No, each type of ear protector is designed for a particular range of noise-loudness and frequency. Ask us about which type meets your working requirements.


Q. Is there a use by date for helmets?

A.  No, as yet there is no European legislation on this although manufacturers recommend that helmets are used within five years of their production date.

Q. Are the EN 397 and EN 812 certificates the same?

A. No, the EN 397 means that the helmet is designed to protect the wearer from objects weighing 5kg falling from a  height of 1m, whereas the EN 812  is designed to protect the wearer fromglancing bumps/blows which might be sustained while working in enclosed spaces.

Fall Arrest

Q. From what height do I need to use fall protection equipment?

A. EC Law states that any work undertaken where there is risk of falling over 1.5m fall arrest equipment must be worn-the type depends on working conditions.  Ask us about which would be most suitable for your requirements.